MediaDelayEditor (live censorship) manages an incoming signal while it is being ingesting and the playout keeps going on air, allowing the editor to review the live signal incoming.
It gives the possibility to remove the inappropriate audio, to blur out segments that can’t be put on air, or cut not fit to air video and/or audio. After a certain delay (normally from 5 to 15 minutes, depends on customer’s requirements), the edited event is played out live on air. Cut video time will be automatically offset with fillers and a list of promos available when needed, in order to catch up the timeline.
MediaDelayEditor can also integrate a scheduled regional AD-Insertion to manage the switch from the advertising breaks on the incoming live program to the regional advertising.

Key Features:
• Intuitive censoring software with preview video monitoring on incoming live event event on-air, with scheduled delay
• Possibility to remove inappropriate audio/video, to blur out or cut segments
• Audio monitoring and Audio replacement with efficient tools to censor audio with mute, beep or audio replacement
• Video replacement from a list of fillers and promos fully integrated in the solution;
• Detailed Reporting of any action done by censorship operators, and full log reports
• Regional AD-insertion system scheduled and fully integrated with the automation workflow
• Configuration based on a one box solution with AJA KONA boards
• Integrated CG to overlay Logo, Crawl, ticker and lower Third
• Manage multiple audio Channels with support to Dolby

• Backup and Clone option available (1:1 or 1:N)
• Intuitive and reliable censoring software with preview video monitoring on incoming live event and live event on-air, with schedulable delay, count down timer and alarm management
• Scalable solution with the possibility to expand the system with more channels and users without any changing on the configuration
• User-friendly interface for the operator with short-cuts, mouse and Jog and Shuttle management
• Multiple languages available: English, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Russian