MediaViewer (Multiple Playout Manager) , is the software that ensures the monitory and management of multiple playouts.
This module has been developed in order to answers the request of many broadcasters to have a powerful tool with a very user-friendly interface able to manage more channels at the same time and in the same GUI.
With this software is possible not only to monitor more channels at the same time but it also to do any change on the fly (insertion of new contents, next command, stsnd-by).
MediaViewer is able to control all the devices involved in the playout system: A/V router, logo generator, VGC, video mixer, etc.

Key Features:
• Skip (Next) command for all events
• Standby command for live events
• Automatic check of playout system components with error alerting (backup running, offline event)
• Password protected Windows application with Keypad lock
• Customizable interface, fonts and colors
• Integrated with MediaList and MediapLay.
• GPI signal receiver

• Possibility to control several channels from the same monitor
• A single operator can monitor and make changes on several channels at the same time
• Cost effective since thanks to MediaViewer is not necessary to have a direct monitor connection with all the channels
• Possibility to jump to a single channel MediaPlay client interface for deeper analysis and intervention


Media Viewer Brochure ENG