MediaStream (VOD and Live Streaming Manager) manages the streaming of a signal coming from MediaPlay. It is able to encode and automatically stream live on a web-site or an ftp server in several formats (WMV, WM9, AdobeFlash, Mpeg4, H264). It can work both as a 24/7 streaming channel and by request planned from traffic system or NCRS (the operator select which contents have to be streamed for VOD).

Key Features:
• Streaming a TV channel 24/7 or of the contents planned from MediaList
• Ingest for an offline streaming by request planned on MediaList
• Automatic FTP transfer to ftp servers in different and multiple profiles
• Preview of incoming and out coming signal

• Easily create and manage a 24/7 streaming channel on the web
• Upload only selected contents for VOD scheduled in MediaList client interface
• Full integration with device manager for remote commands to start the streaming
• Possibility to add watermark and date