(MediaRec) is the Base-Band Ingest Automation application to ingest from VTR, satellite and live feeds , ensuring the automatic control of A/V Routers or Matrix and the switch from one signal to another.
It is possible to set a multiple encoding from the same ingest session in different formats, to see the audio and video previews of the incoming signals, to add and edit the metadata of the contents while ingesting.
MediaRec can also schedule the encoding sessions (Tasks) to record at fixed times and dates and monitor at any time the status of each task.
EDIT-WHILE-INGEST (MediaRec): this function allows to see the preview of the incoming assets, edit the contents and create bookmarks while the ingestion session is still open. Thanks to this, the clips can be inserted in the playlist and/or in the rundowns ready to be on-air before the completion of the creation and import of the complete asset.
PLAY-WHILE-INGEST(MediaRec): the play-while-ingest enables to put contents directly on-air while the ingestion session is not closed yet, saving the time required to copy the incoming contents to the central archive in order to make them available for the delivery at the closure of the ingestion. It is the best solution when the operator needs to acquire a long and big-sized content and cannot wait the completion of the process to put it on-air.

Key Features:
• Schedule multiple encoding sessions
• Audio/Video preview while ingestion for monitoring and real time verification
• VU/peak meters for input audio level monitoring
• Bookmarks insertion and media content cataloguing while encoding
• Automatic link of the ingested clips to their programs
• Importing of Ingest List from third party Traffic systems
• Define multiple ingest sources
• Remote control of A/V Routers (thru MediaDevice) allows to select the specific router source
• Remote Control of VTRs and Cart Machines (such as Sony FLEXICART)
• Define automatic encoding sessions unattended
• Simultaneous creation of different formats of the same file while ingest

• Multi-channel capturing of live video feeds
• RecManager: interface to monitor simoultaneously the ingest tasks in process from all the MediaRec present in the configuration, to allow the operator to check the sent ingest commands
• Edit-while ingest and Play-while-ingest function
• Craft-editing function
• Possibility to set a multi-format ingest through the same board
• Real time configurable encoders


MediaRec Brochure ENG


MediaRec Brochure ITA