In order to make SI Media NRCS suite even more complete and exhaustive, SI Media has developed a new application to control all the devices involved in a Studio Workflow.

In the actual workflow, MediaNews overviews the preparation of the rundown \ bulletins and the stories \ press reports while MediaNewsPlayer is responsible for the playout.

The external systems and devices such as production switcher, video\audio mixer, lights, microphones, cameras, video wall and graphic systems are controlled by a separated and additional application, Media Studio Automation.

This application is fully integrated with MediaNews NRCS,and all tasks for each device could be scheduled, in advance, from the client interface by journalists, editors in chief, procuders.

In Media Studio Automation, specific controls to activate presest are available, one per each type. All the presets pre-scheduled for each element of the rundown from MediaNews, will be displayed in Media Studio Automation interface. The interface will show the preset related to the story in play, and the following or the selected one. A separate panel will display the text of the story in play, in order to check and eventually manually activate the preset during the live.
In case of graphics control, the interface will display also the status of the objects (cue, show, hide).

In order to manage multiple devices with a single action, Media Studio Automation allows also to assign Macro to certain elements in the rundown, for example the intro or the closure of the bulletin.

Key Features:
• Combine several production elements into one click
• Brings cost saving into the production chain
• Handle breaking news and ad hoc productions
• Dynamically integrated with SI Media MediaNews and MediaNewsPlay

• Multi Language support (UNICODE 16-bit in compliance)
• Graphics integration
• Flexibility
• Multi-studio control
• Template-based control


Media Studio Automation – Brochure ENG