MediaCGLive, On-Air CG Manager, provides a perfect solution for any kind of advanced studio graphics productions, as for example multiple tickers, promo over credits, coming up next, squeeze back video, and any other kind of channel branding graphics. When the production’s flow is unpredictable and complex studio productions are required, such as in case of elections, special events, game shows, sport events, etc, MediaCGLive is the ideal solution.
MediaCGLive is based on action button philosophy: using drag and drop, the operator combines graphics, content and animation.
Every graphics project can be edit during the on-air session: the user can change the text, the animations, the position of the objects and many other properties. The changes can be done directly on-air or in a preview monitor. MediaCG Live module manages the live graphics and allows opening several graphic projects and playing them: just one click will CUE the project and the second click will put it ON-AIR. The same module allows doing last-second changes to all the graphic objects without open again the editor and also to manage them in groups with specific timeline and effects.

Key Features:
• Flexible and powerful multi-control solution
• Enables last second updates and changes
• Possibility to manage several objects in different groups with different timeline in the same project
• Simple and intuitive user interface
• Based on action button philosophy and drag and drop
• Full integration with MediaNewsPlay or 3rd party studio playout
• Ideal solution when the production’s flow is unpredictable and complex studio productions are required