MediaCG (Character Generator): manages the creation of animations, crawls, logos, DVE (i.e., picture-in-picture) and other graphics objects.
It guarantees a total On-Air CG Control and a powerful graphics engine that fully supports 3D and HD projects, integration with dynamic data sources, DVE (picture-in-picture), with the possibility to manage groups of objects in the same project, with a user-friendly timeline management interface.
Each CG object can be edit during the on-air session.
Manual or automated changes of text contents, animation/rolling speed, position and other properties can be done on-the-fly. All graphics are 24-bit true color (16.7 million colors) with 8-bit Alpha channel (256 transparency levels). These colors can be applied to font face, border, shadow and text background.
MediaCG can be controlled externally, by scheduling dedicated secondary events from MediaList Broadcast Management System  (for the Automation) or from MediaNews Newsroom Computer System (for the Newsroom).
Any kind of text and graphics objects can be scheduled to be showed at specific time, with the possibility to see the low-res preview and to manage timeline and parameters.
MediaCG allows the creation of elaborated graphics with more than one ticker: so it can be used for showing news texts, stock exchange indexes, sports results, SMS, Facebook and Twitter contents combined with the TV Logo, the clock and other information.

Key Features:
• Total on-air CG control
• Embedded ticker control
• Exceptional CG quality with all graphics in 24-bit true color (16.7 million colors) with 8-bit Alpha channel (256 transparency levels)
• Unlimited layering: all running objects are mixed and blended to each other in real time, including animations
• Supported graphics objects: Crawls, Rolls, Animations, Text templates, Pictures, Clocks, Banners, DirectShow media, Power Point projects, Adobe Flash  animations, Geometric shapes, DVE (also known as Picture in Picture) for both live signal in input and clips.
• Open caption subtitling function (in SRT/PAC format)
• Automated text rendering into graphics templates
• Scheduled titling using dedicated secondary events in MediaList, MediaNews and/or MediaPlay and MediaNewsPlay
• Cooperative workflow: Multiple MediaCG can share projects and data sources
• Dynamic data sources with dynamic text data coming from text, rich text, csv text, RSS feeds or ODBC-compliant databases

• A complete on-air graphics system
• Multi Language support (UNICODE 16-bit in compliance)
• Standard GUI based
• Dynamically integrated with SI Media MediaPlay and MediaNewsPlay
• Economic management of banners with reports and analysis
• Full HD and 3D support
• Possibility to filter through a moderator data coming from external sources (SMS, Facebook, Twitter)
• Group object and timeline management
• Video input function from external signals, files, windows desktop
• Possibility to add video\audio effects
• List of available templates


Media CG – Brochure ENG