MediaLogger (digital logger) manages the logging of digital signals usually for legal purposes (to have a storage of what went on-air) but also to use the recorded material to export to a ftp server or for other purposes that require a certain format.
System is defined to capture an audio/video signal (analog or SDI) 24 X 7 and can be scheduled by date and time, codec, bit rate of encoding and storage length (depending on assigned storage).Other features are water mark for time, date and graphics and the possibility to search and browse in the recorded video. Both the SD and HD formats are supported.

Key Features:
• Multichannel structure allows logging up to 4 different audio/video inputs on the same MediaLogger
• Automatically stores and indexes recorded audio/video by date and time, to offer an instant access to logged segments
• Automatically rotate logged files to keep track of the desided number of days
• Unlimited player modules allow to play the recorded audio and video instantly on any workstation in your LAN
• Fully customizable date/time and logo overlay on recorded video
• User-definable recording quality according to the available disk space(frame-rate, file size,audio/video codecs
• Export to DVD feature allows burning the logged video to DVD

• Developed to ensure a feed back of all the transmission during 60 or 90 or 180 days after.
• The system is able to provide a broadcasted preview monitoring from any PC inside the LAN.
• With a low resolution encoding of broadcast feed (WM9, H-264/AVC, H-263 or Mpeg 1) the user could get a view of all past events
• Fully and deeply integrated with other SI Media software modules.
• Possibility to use the browser interface to search among the recorded files.


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