MediaDataCaster Object Carousel, Carousel and EPG Generator, allows broadcasters to activate interactive solutions within their channels broadcast on Digital Terrestrial TV, making full use of broadcasting standards to create applications and institutional and commercial services for the public.
MediaDataCaster is fully integrated with MediaPlay, in order to manage the automated transmission of the data.
MediaDataCaster Object Carousel is compatible with all MHP applications developed by third parties
The MHP applications can access information broadcasted by Carousel, or using the return channel accessible via set top box, creating a personalized service for each viewer. It is also possible to send information in real time to the MHP application, in order to synchronize it with the on-air signal, for example, during interactive shows in order to update the info on what happens in real-time.

Key Features:
• No limit on the number of applications, MHP services and carousels which can be activated
• Control on the transmission band for each carousel or table
• Generation of AIT, PAT, PMT, SDT and NIT tables
• Compatible with the multiplexers of the major manufacturers
• Support for the updating of data in real time
• Automatic update of files and directories via FTP protocol
• Client configuration using Microsoft Windows
• Support for do-it-now events with TCP/IP interface
• Stream events native management
• Hardware independent since full in compliance with both DVB and Media MHP standards
• EPG creation, generating PSI/SI data flows
• Integrated support for remote assistance via Internet

• Multi-language support (chinese, cyrillic, arabic and many many others
• Hardware independent
• Fully and deeply integrated with other SI Media
software modules
• Stand Alone or Client-Server operating mode
• Remotely controlled by a File System, UDP and XML
based protocol