MediaStore Client (MAM Windows based client ) is the application module for the management of the broadcaster contents archive. It features a set of tools for advanced search and the preview of contents, using low-res copies generated by MediaStoreProxy. It allows a detailed indexing and categorization of contents using MediaStore Client search engine and virtual path management in order to customize the organization of the contents. The metadata schema is flexible and fully customizable. In MediaStore Client it is possible to create baskets and export them in EDL format to NLE systems. It has also its own integrated proxy-editing and an automatic import from P2 and XDCAM.

Key Features:
• Content Ingest Automation: automatic metadata, proxy and key frames generation from each video/audio format.
• Content Management: file signature technology to prevent repeated archiving operations.
• Voice-Over and Over-Voice workflow supported.
• Complete and exhaustive user’s policy management.
• EDL/XML export to editing stations (NLE) and creation of baskets browsing contents through the MAM archive (of entire assets or clips of them)
• Format Conversion Management: wide range of supported format for video, audio, images and documents.
• Archive Management: integrated ILM (Information Life Cycle management) function and Virtual folder engine to enable automatic archiving and restoring.
• Metadata Database Management: flexible and customizable metadata schema.
• Speech to text: automatic detection of the audio content of each asset.
• Search and Edit: intelligent and extremely fast search (Simple,Google style, Boolean) engine
• Import new contents from P2, XD-Cam, JVC
• Virtual and Multi-Virtual Path management
• Proxy-based media asset management and browsing
• web-based interface for non-windows environments
• Detailed indexing and categorization of contents

• Optimization of the workflow from ingest till delivery
• Strongly based on MSSQL central database architecture
• All metadata and database structure are fully customizable
• Multi Language support (UNICODE 16-bit in compliance)
• Available either as Windows-based and Web-based application
• Multiple server structure enables huge deployments with thousands of users
• Integrated video editing of contents and baskets and final rendering
• Asset history and system status with alert messages
• Multi-threading stands for multiple tasks executed simultaneously
• Fault tolerance with main/backup solution to ensure the continuous functioning of the system
• Fully integrated with SI Media NewsRoom and SI Media Automation


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