SI Media MediaStore Proxy, FIle Based Proxy Generator, manages the macro functions of Proxying, Key Framing, Subtitling, Story Frames (i.e. Story Board) Generation and Transcoding. MediaStore Proxy can import subtitles from SRT files, or auto-generate them through the integrated speech detection module. The filling phase is automatically taken in charge by Mam when an asset comes into the system, in each desired format and bitrate. .
Its multi-threaded, multi-CPU platform provides the optimized platform to significantly increase the speed of the transcoding software engine.
SI Media MediaStore Proxy technology enables other key functions to be carried out during the transcoding process including scenes detection for story boards, P-Icon creation and closed-caption metadata ingest.
SI Media MediaStore Proxy transcode software always provides perfect timecode synchronization, to ensure frame accuracy and no audio drift, even on extremely long encode tasks.
SI Media MediaStore Proxy acts as a network resource and when working with other SI Media components provides a comprehensive range of tasks which allow the user to add considerable value to the media asset.

Key Features:
• Management of the Filling process.
• Subtitling management.
• Effective highspeed networked transcoding: automatic proxy and keyframes generation from any file format.
• Configurable generation of Key-Frames and Story-Frames
• Convert high-resolution file originated content to low bit-rate frame accurate browsable material (Proxy).
• Exceptional performance and seamless scalability: multi-threaded and multi-CPU platform.


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