SI Media MediaStore QC  (File Based Quality Check) is essentially a complete analysis of the incoming assets that allows to optimize the flow throughout the system, to significantly reduce the handling time of each file and problems concerning input formats unwelcome to the customer.

SI Media MediaStore QC is a solution that can work in a standalone mode or fully integrated in our Mam system. It is substantially a task executed automatically by our Archive Manager to all the incoming assets, also while we’re still ingesting them.
MediaStore QC is composed by a list of processes that are integrated in a continuous flow.
The first step is a static analysis to check the incoming contents, followed by a play-test for the automation, a search for blacks or frozen frames and for mute in each content, and lastly the possibility to assign quality certificates to the assets available in the system.

Key Features:
• Depth static analysis of the incoming assets on audio and video characteristics
• Play-test for the automation.
• Search of black frames or frozen frames.
• Search of audio absence and audio peaks and full analysis of audio waves
• Gamut analysis
• Certificates management.