MediaStore HSM (LTO tape/ODA Library Manager) archives and restores assets in LTO tape-based or digital libraries. It accesses the library and generates its virtualization through the FC/SAS direct standard protocol (without the necessity to use third party sw hw), allowing SI Media to control directly many different brands and models of LTO libraries.
MediaStore HSM can handle several numbers of read-and-write drives and no limit on the number of tapes hosted in the library. The application includes an automatic function that verifies the integrity of the content of each single tape and the possibility to compact (consolidate)empty or corrupted spaces.
MediaStore HSM allows also to manage a partial timecode-based restore from any digitized asset encoded in any format.

Key Features:
• Archiving and Restoring procedure.
• Tape Archives and LTO Libraries management.
• No need of third party virtualization modules.
• Full integration with MediaStore.
• Integrity Check and Compacting.
• Support and control of the most common libraries on the market.
• Partial Restoring.


MediaStore HSM_Brochure_ENG


MediaStore HSM_Brochure_ITA