MediaStore Web (Media Web) is the application developed by SI Media to allow users to access the main functions of newsroom, mam client application and traffic from any place.
It means that just with the use of a network connection, each operator can: enter the asset archive; search, index and tag the contents; edit metadata and also mark or cut the clips (using proxy preview), manage a basket and export the EDL to any NLE system. Users can also create new stories and rundowns, linking audio-video contents andor baskets to each press report.
Recently Web client interface has been developed in order to enlarge the features available, adding the possibility for agents to create pre-sales contracts,(using tablets, smartphone or other mobile applications), link the contents from the archive to each pre-contract, calculate the value of a campaign, check the payments status of suppliers and of each customer, in order to create a deeply interconnected environment with the traffic and the advertising department. Users can also edit daily playlist directly from the web interface, and access to advertising playlist to check empty spaces and make any other change.


Key Features:
•Web browser-based interface with MPEG4/H-264 preview with quick search
• Check, edit and export assets just using Internet connections
• Easy and intuitive GUI
• Possibility to export contents to external ftp servers, folder
• Search through the archive, index e tag
• Direct import of contents from any browser
• Interface running in any browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE
• Partial retrieval of bookmarks from contents
• Possibility to publish contents to external platforms
• Automatic generation of permalink for each asset
• Basket management, EDL export and export to any NLE system


MediaStore WEB_Brochure