Multi-channel universal SD/HD content playout solution. MediaPlay (Master Playout Automation) is the SI Media application for Playout Automation in MCR. MediaPlay is able to play different types of programs: Files (in many different formats), live sources (satellite, studio cameras and other sources) and other sources like VTRs, Video Servers, etc. It also can control, using MediaDevice, several types of devices like: audio/video routers, master control switches, graphics and character generators, logo generators, GPI/GPO devices, aspect ratio converters and many others.
MediaPlay allows to do last second changes in the playlist during the on-air session: skip to the next event, insert and delete programs on-the-fly, edit the clips (cut), change the playlist order and change or add graphics. All the commands are executable by shortcuts, the grid and the countdowns are fully customizable, and the Bumper (filler) insertion is automatic and configurable from MediaList.

Key Features:
• Automated delivery 24/7
• Client interface for remote control
• Multi-channel, Multi-decoder and Multi-format playout automation solution
• Integrated via MOS protocol, via BXF or via web services with several third party Traffic Systems
• Hardware independent: integrated via VDCP protocol or via API with the most popular broadcast video servers  in the market
• Skip (Next) and Standby (Loop) commands for live and clip events
• Last second event insertion (Emergency event) and deletion
• Automatic Bumper (Filler) insertion
• Automatic check of playout system components with error alerting
• Find\replace function
• Numeric and graphical configurable countdowns
• Password protected Windows application with Keypad lock
• Fully customizable grid layout
• Secondary event management: GPI, logo, CG, subtitles, A/V Router switching, etc
• Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts for the most important functions (GPI, mixer video, audio, logo generator and router control)
•Fully customizable grid layout
• Automatic or manual graphics management
• Fault tolerance architecture: if the main playout server fails, the backup automatically takes in charge the delivery.

• User-friendly interface
• Reliable TV playout with numerous levels of redundancy options in stand by or clone mode
• SD and HD support
• Alert on next offline, next live event and next locked event
• Emergency tool to solve issues on air
• Extreme flexibility and scalability
• Customizable GUI in size, position and display
• Full integration via Mos with several Traffic and Media Asset Management systems


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