MediaNews (NRCS Windows based client ): manages the creation of stories and rundowns in a deeply integrated environment where, thanks to the user’s rights management, the editor in chief has always the possibility to overview the flow of each press report and coordinate the work of all the operators (journalists, editors, archivists, anchormen).
The interface is extremely user-friendly and allows the creation of a story in a single page with SI Media‘s own free text editor compatible with all languages, a direct access to Mam‘s archive, the possibility to link and see the preview of CG‘s thanks to Proxy, to create basket composed by audio and video assets andor bookmarks and export them to NLE systems.
In MediaNews it is also possible to set an automatic import of wires coming from any configured address allowing journalists to have all the latest news available at any time with also a search engine to filter the wires.
A full management of the story-life of rundowns is available, also with possibility to calculate the remuneration of each operator in order to have detailed reports and prints about the costs.

Key Features:
• Newsroom’s workflow management
• Integrated free text editor
• Customizable GUI
• Possibility to manage assignments and tasks distribution for each story
• Appointments calendar
• Voice-Over and Over-Voice workflow support
• Retrieving/browsing RSS/wires feeds from any press agencies
• Template feature
• Complete and exhaustive user’s policy management
• Rundown management
• NLE export embedded tool towards any 3rd party brand
• Integrated graphics management
• News edition cost prediction and management
• Full integration with MAM MediaStore
• Integrated ingest module
• Integrated video editing of video contents and baskets and final rendering

• Available as Windows-based and Web-based application
• Multi Language support (UNICODE 16-bit in compliance) English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Hindi
• Auto save option to recover unsaved stories
• Individual speech speed test should available for each journalist to reflect the estimated duration of VO.
• Support for Full drag and drop movement of items between wires, story pools and rundowns
• Tool for monitoring the stories status (approved, rejected, in progress etc..)
• MOS protocol fully in compliance to integrate Teleprompters, CG
• Fully integrated with SI-Media Media Asset Management and MediaNewsPlay
• User category management according to their position and functions (Journalist, Producer, Editor etc)
• Offline Internal Chat to send messages between users
• Appointment and Guest management