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Treviso (Italy). SI media has deployed  a complete Newsroom solution for the  broadcaster TVision. TVision is a marco-regional broadcaster based in the north-east of Italy. SI Media newsroom is only the last piece of the puzzle: TVision already chose in the past the SI Media automation and actually the Customer is on air with 10 channels, each one of them using SI Media application module MediaPlay for the playout.

Going back to the last implementation, after more than one year of project, development and tests on site, the newsroom started to work in May 2011.

The original set up of the system was consisting of:

    • 1 Ingestion Room: equipped with 2 capture seats using MediaRec module for capturing live feeds.
    • 1 Main NewsRoom: with 20 journalists workstations each of them equipped with the NRCS MediaNews for rundown creation.
    • 3 Program Control Rooms: each of them equipped with rundown player MediaNewsPlay.
    • 8 NLE workstations: the Customer chose Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 as NLE systems.

The entire  workflow of the assets is managed by the  MAM developed by SI MediaMedia Store: starting from the ingestion thru the archiving and ending with the delivering of the assets, Media Store manages step by step the movements of the contents.

About the Central archive, SI Media provided to the Customer a double NAS branded INTEL, for a total available space of 30 TB fully redounded.
During the last year  the system grew and right now more than 75 journalists are daily using MediaNews application, creating stories and publishing new rundowns. After the main newsroom, based in Treviso, TVision has launched 7 new secondary newsrooms: in Padova, Vicenza, Belluno, Venezia, Pordenone, Trieste, Udine, covering in this way the entire north east of Italy. All these distributed newsrooms are connected between them thanks to MediaNews features: all journalists, wherever they are, can work on their stories and each editor-in-chief (one per each newsroom) can easly finalize his rundown. The same rundowns will be played on air by MediaNewsPlay from one of the 3 PCR working in the main facilities of the Customer.

Actually the broadcaster is going on air daily with 10 news editions, the first at noon and the others starting from 19:00 in the afternoon.

The Media Asset Management supplied by SI Media (specifically the transcoder module MediaStore Proxy) is capable of generating for each new asset acquired the proxy clip (WM9 is the format selected by the Customer for the low resolution files). At the same time MAM (MediaStore Archive) is encharged of collect from the external newsrooms the new assets created with the NLE systems and archive them in central archive located in the headquarters in Treviso.

Below a logical schema of the SI Media software modules installed at the Customer’s facilities:


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