KTN (Kenya)

Project Description

KTN is one of the major news channel in Kenya, based in Nairobi.

This summer SI Media implemented a 24/7 automation system in KTN, thanks to the cooperation with the systems integrator Onset Systems, which has been a SI Media partner for a long period, mainly focused in African region.

The ASRock servers have been prepared in Onset headquarters and shipped only after configuration and tests to Nairobi, in order to optimize the timing of the on-site installation, since all the equipment (servers, AJA boards, software applications) has been already checked and approved in the previous weeks.

This allowed in only one week on-site to set up the system, put on air the channel and train the staff on SI Media software applications.

The system is composed by 5 servers: the main playout automation server, equipped with AJA Corvid22, with also integrated CG for channel branding and character generator, the backup automation in stand-by mode, (equipped with AJA Corvid22 with integrated CG too), two base band ingest servers with AJA Lhe+ and one server dedicated to the digital logging (90 days legal registration).

A GB Labs storage has been integrated in the workflow; the new assets, coming from the two ingest stations and from Final Cut Pro editing workstations, are automatically moved into the central storage by SI Media data mover and then transferred to the playout servers when required by the automation system.


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Kenya TV logo - KTN3

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