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Star Hub is the first fully integrated info-communications company in Singapore, focused on providing world-class information, communication and entertainment services.

SI Media has recently implemented for this important and strategic customer, thanks to the help of the Systems Integrator VSolutions, a stand-alone system composed by two servers equipped with AJA-Kona3G: Media DelayEditor Main and Media DelayEditor Backup (which runs as a backup in clone-mode).

These servers receive an SDI input signal come from any source (studios, satellites, live feeds…) and deliver it as an SDI output to any required destination, managing the needed delay through SI Media software interface.

The application module Media DelayEditor allows the operator to handle the incoming signal with a list of tools and features for every type of event (from the Grammy Awards, to Sport Events and Live Entertainment Shows).

These features include:

beep/mute audio: to remove or insert a beep instead of an inappropriate audio

video add: to insert video contents such as promos or advertising in a specific frame

video replace: to replace cuts of inappropriate video with other video contents from the archive

video effects: to blur out video segments also with the possibility to record the blurs using the preview to capture the moving subjects

Media DelayEditor handles up to 8 audio channels (4 tracks), allowing the operator to specify which single track has to be modified.

This last feature can be extremely useful when the incoming signal (for example an international sport event) has already 4 different tracks in 4 different languages. In this case the operator can mute, beep or replace each of them independently, so if the same message is good for some countries but inappropriate for others he just has to specify which one needs to be edit.


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