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SI Media has recently been selected by Image Hospitals, one of the main private healthcare operators in India, as the supplier of a broadcast system consisting in a complete Newsroom and an Automation composed by 2 SD channels on air 24/7.

The solution provided by SI Media manages 24/7 the play-to-air of two thematic channels: News Channel, dedicated to the news, and Health Channel, which presents a playlist focused on uman heathcare.

The play out occurs in SD format and the chosen container for clip management is MOV with essence consisting in DV25 codec.

The adopted video servers are 2 MSV-1200, branded Sea-Change (now Xor-Media). Both of them are equipped with 4 encoder channels and 6 decoder channels.

A Central/Production Archive for 50 TeraBytes usable (75TB raw) consists in an SeaChange UML (Universal Media Library).

The Archive Manager supplied by SI Media is capable of distributing the clips planned by the playlists in the two video servers, archiving new clips in the central archive, and recovery, if need be, of necessary clips into the video servers. Other than the ingestion from external sources (live feeds and tapes), it is also possible to import clips from watch folders, and taking advantage of the MAM capacity, to recognise the new clips and to recover the necessary metadata: name, duration, TCIN, TCOUT, Aspect Ratio, description, etc.

The workflow managed by SI Media includes also the integration of 16 NLE workstations equipped with Final Cup Pro X: the web based Media Asset Management provided by SI Media takes care to share the media contents of the UML with the NLE systems thru the EDLs.

Also the newsroom workflow is fully managed by SI Media: NRCS (NewsRoom Computer System) including up to 30 workstations dedidicated to the journalists and on air contribution from 2 different Studio/PCR are handled by SI Media dedicated solutions.

With this in mind, SI Media has supplied to the Customer a complete solution for its 2 Master Control Rooms, 4 Program Control Rooms, Traffic, MAM and Newsroom, including:

    • MediaStore Archive: HSM module for exchanging media contents between the Central archive (Xor-Media UML for 50 TB of usable space) and video servers (2 x MSV-1200, each one configured with 4 IN and 6 OUT available channels).
    • MediaPlay and  MediaPlayBK: 2 modules for Automation play out and their own redundancies, both of them working in 1:1 configuration, are broadcasting the News Channel and the Health Channel from 2 different MCRs.
    • MediaRec: two modules for capturing tasks each one of them with the remote control of the A/V router in order to select the right source for ingestion.
    • MediaDevice: module dedicated to the management and the control of the devices involved into the automation system: A/V Router (HARRIS Platinum 80X80), 2 Master Control Switchers (HARRIS Icon Master + HARRIS Clear switch 16X2), Logo generators, VTRs.
    • MediaNewsPlay: 2 modules for Newsroom play out contribution, both of them configured in A/B Roll, managed from 2 different Program Control Rooms.
    • MediaNews: NRCS for rundown preparation.
    • MediaWay: MOS gateway thru which the newsroom controls telepromters (3 X C-DAC) and the CG (provided by Wasp-3D).

In this installation the low resolution clips (WM9 at 1.5 Mb/s is the selected format and bit rate for this purpose) are automatically generated by MediaStore Proxy, the transcoder application supplied by SI Media.

Below a logical schema of the SI Media software modules installed at the Customer’s facilities:


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