Casa de Dios (Guatemala)

Project Description

Recently SI Media has completed the installation and configuration of a media asset management system in Fraijanes (Guatemala), at Casa de Dios.

Casa de Dios chose SI Media to implement a solution to manage a k2 server that receives contents from several sources (live event from theatres, auditoriums, churches or file contributions), browse the ingest material and decide which has to be saved in a SpectraLogic T120 that we interface through our module MediaTape.

The contents, which are ingest in HD format (50 Mb/s), can be browse in low-res from MediaStoreClient, where the operators can edit the clips and the metadata and decide which content they want to transfer to the tape library in order to free up space in the K2 server.

The installation is composed by 3 servers:

DataBaseServer, with the main SQL2012 database;

-ProxyServer, where a complete SI Media media asset management platform is installed (MediaStoreManager,MediaStoreProxy and MediaStoreClient);

MediaTapeServer, where the software application to access and manage the SpectraLogic T120 is installed, fully integrated with the MAM system which automates the procedures of archiving and restoring assets from the K2 server to/from the tape library.


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Casa de Dios

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