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Milan (Italy). During the month of December the broadcaster Milan Channel based in Milan, inside the process of upgrade of its technological structure, has confirmed SI Media as unique supplier for its Automation software solution.

With this in mind, SI Media has supplied to the Customer a complete upgrade of its Master Control Room, including:

  1. MediaPlay and  MediaPlayBK: playout and its redundancy working in 1:1 configuration.
  2. MediaRec: two workstations for capturing tasks each one of them with the remote control of the A/V router in order to select the right source for ingetion.
  3. MediaDevice: software module dedicated to the management and control of the devices involved into the automation: A/V Router, Logo generator, Character generator.
  4. MediaLogger: the output of channel transmitted is recorded and archived for 180 days, the date and time of registration are superimposed to the the video signal.

In this installation the low resolution clips (WMV at 512 Kb/s is the selected format and bit rate for this purpose) are generated by MediaRec while capturing the HQ asset.
The entire automation is based on a Harris NEXIO video server, a Harris Integrator 32X32 A/V router and a Harris IconMaster master control.

Below a schema of the SI Media software modules installed at the Customer’s facilities:

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