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Moscow (Russia). After nearly a year of selection and evaluation of several other solutions, the customer has selected the solution proposed by SI media for set up its NewRoom.
These days are in the process of installation and configuration at the customer site software modules for managing newsroom (MediaNews), ingestion processes (MediaRec) and play out  (MediaNewsPlay).

The customer also chose MediaCG for the management and the playout of graphic events of the stories.
The NewsRoom installed by SI media, will join the existing automation, also provided by SI media, and the Media Asset Management (MediaStore) that at this point will serve both the automation that the NewRoom.

Many the innovations introduced in the newsroom to meet the specific needs of the customer.

In particular:

  • Management of the costs.
  • Management of the VideoWall.
  • Preview of the Graphic project.
  • Intergrated control into the NewsRoom of the Router and the Mixer.
  • Exporting and trascoding for the Web.

Website: http://tvrain.ru/

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