The First of Yaroslavl

Project Description

In the beginning of 2014, SI Media has completed a great project in Yaroslavl (Russia), at Первый Ярославский, the main channel of the Oblast region, together with our partner and systems integrator Global Systems.

For this installation SI Media provided a complete end-to-end solution IT-based with AJA Boards both for the automation system and for the production play-out.

The system is composed by 9 servers and several workstations for newsroom (25 MediaNews Client licenses) and traffic:

-MediaDevice, with the SQL Database Main, the devices controller (A/V Router, Master Control) and the MediaLinker to import the advertising playlist from VideoInternational

-MediaArchive, with the media asset management platform, he SQL Database Backup and the central NAS attached

-MediaProxy, with proxy and transcoder engine to generate low-res copy of each asset that enters the system (in MP4) and to transcode the contents that have to be uploaded to Youtube in the proper profile

-MediaPlay for main automation channel management with AJA Corvid-22

-MediaPlayBK for backup automation channel management with AJA Corvid-22

-MediaCG1 and MediaCG2 for channel branding and character generator, one dedicated to the automation system and one to the production play-out

-MediaNewsPlay for the production play-out (the airing of the rundowns coming from MediaNews), equipped with AJA Corvid-22

-MediaRec for the automated base band ingest from any source (satellites, studios, live feeds..) available as inputs in the A/V Router


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First of Yaroslavl

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