MediaNewsPlay (News Playout Automation): manages the delivery of contents in PCR. The software can operate managing the rundowns coming from MediaNews, or as a stand-alone application, that can communicate with all 3rd party NCRS applications thanks to MOS Protocol.
MediaNewsPlay provides a long list of tools to make last second changes to add for example directly contents from asset archive and to edit the clips on-the-fly and manages until four decoders at the time in order to give full flexibility to the operator to coordinate all the processes with SI Media‘s device controller.
Also CG‘s projects can be edit directly from the application with the possibility to switch from an automatic to a manual control of them.

Key Features:
• Manual/Automatic contribution playout with A/B/C/D Roll support
• Client interface for remote control
• Full playback control of the media (play, stop, pause, next, loop, previous, etc.) via external Jog&Shuttle hardware device in addition to software control (short cuts available)
• Device Control : Master Control Switcher, CG and Teleprompter
• Last second trimming (Cut-Cut) of clips available
• Full compatible with NLEs and 3rd party NRCS via MOS protocol
• Graphics management in scheduled and manual mode

• Windows-based application
• Multi Language support (UNICODE 16-bit in compliance)
• Last second changes on video contents and graphics
• Automatic export of contents to videowalls
• Standard GUI based
• MOS protocol fully compliant
• Dynamically integrated with SI Media Media Asset Management and MediaNews (NRCS)