MediaList (Scheduling and Planning Manager) manages the creation of the daily playlist for multiple automation channels and the import of advertising playlist both created by SI Media’s MediaSpot module and from external agencies through the automatic import of xml or xls files in MediaList.
It is one of the most powerful traffic systems available in the market, thanks to features that allow an intuitive mid-long term scheduling for the contents, the management of the rights of each program for legal purposes and the possibility to use the low-res copy of the assets, automatically generated by MediaStoreProxy, to see the preview, to cut and mark the clips, and also to check the graphics projects
MediaList manages GPI signals in input and output and in general all the secondary events like channel brandings and graphics projects for n channels at the same time, which can be added to different levels (single clip, program container or category).

Key Features:

• Daily and weekly playlist management
• Strategic playlist management
• Single and Multi-channel working environment
• Short, mid and long term events scheduling
• Rights and productions management
• Contract planning tools and master contracts management
• Episode management and series scheduler
• Secondary event management: GPI, channel branding, CG, subtitles,  switchings commands on the A/V Router for Live Events
• Low resolution (proxy) media browsing
• Multi Cut-Cut functionalities
• Playlist lock management
• Manual and automatic playlist optimization
• Automatic merge of advertisement playlist with program playlist
• Drag & drop, copying and/or cut and paste events into the playlist and between different playlists
• Automatic playlist update from changes made during play out
• Automated As Run Log generation
• Many different and comprehensive reports

• Windows and web based client GUI
• Errors check and alert system
• Customizable grid
• Frame accurate playlist scheduler for programs, promos, spots and advertisements
• Automatic schedule validation in terms of Broadcasting Rights and Online/Offline Media Management
• Media Offline Visual Alerts
• Integration to any 3rd party automation systems
• Possibility to exchange data with any 3rd party device or system through MediaLinker, via xls or xml
• EPG generation
• Timeline management of graphics projects


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