MediaDoctor is the SI Media solution to monitor the SI Media’s applications and hardware status of workstations from a single point of control.
Application monitoring permits to take under control the status of all SI Media’s software.
Hardware monitoring in a single place allows to check hardware performance at a glance.
Knowing which servers and workstations are reaching or exceeding their limits gives time to process and execute a plan before system performance and workforce productivity suffer.

Key Features:
• Manage workstations from a single point
• Monitor application problems
• Configure alerts to ensure the network control
• Check disk space available capacity
• Manage and control Windows registry
• History data log graphics

• Check application and hardware performance at a glance
• Prevent hardware failure
• Understand past problems
• Fix issues without disrupting end users via remote administration
• Alert via mail / text message / OSD
• Immediate and clear visibility of entire IT environment