MediaSpot (Sales Contract and Promo Manager) manages the creation of the advertising playlist for multiple channels, which can be imported and merged in MediaList or exported to any 3rd party traffic solution.
It has been developed to schedule advertising campaigns and to manage advertising contracts. It allows a mid-long term scheduling of each planned content, with the possibility to insert all contract data, to customize a price list, to calculate the costs and revenues related to agents and their commissions.
It is also possible to link to each advertising break a different jingle or a particular cg project. All the data coming from MediaSpot can be used to generate prints and reports, and for billing purposes.

Key Features:
• Management of advertising contracts
• Mid term and long term AD planning
• Customizable planning periods
• Calculation of agent commissions and agencies discounts
• Promo and Commercial campaigns management
• Linear and on-demand AD scheduling
• AD privilege management
• AD invoices
• AD contract booking
• Import of data and campaigns from external agencies
• Dynamic AD planning
• Strategic analysis and reports
• Online complete and exhaustive Help

• Windows and web based client GUI
• Overall monitory on the advertising contracts management
• Possibility to automatically fill empty spaces through blocks management
• Pre-contract and advertising booking
• Export to 3rd party billing or accounting software
• Automatic as run log matching with performance rating calculation
• Product placement
• Overbooking tool
• Overcrowding analysis
• Range of prints for master contracts, rights, prebilling


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