MediaReport (Reports and Statistics Manager) is the list of all reports, prints and analysis that can be generated in MediaList.
First of all an automatic report of the contents that went on air is always available thanks to the as-run log playlist. Then an exhaustive list of prints related to advertising contracts, customer’s break times and number of passages showed for each content and many others, can be used to generate reports and analysis for prebilling purposes, for financial long time evaluations, for advertising campaign reports or free slots analysis. Unit prices, contracts data, agents and all the other fields can be used as filters for analysis and reports.

Key Features:
• Fully customizable and real-time reports and statistics generation
• Post transmission graphics and economic analysis
• Advertising campaigns and broadcasted programs reports
• Weekly, monthly and annual reports on specific filters or database fields
• Free slots analysis
• Data export in PDF, XLS and XLM formats

• Several types of reports available to be shared to any user in the system
• Possibility to export to any 3rd party accounting system
• Access rights based system
• Multi-year analysis filtered by multiple customizable variables
• Customer break times


MediaReport Brochure ENG


MediaReport Brochure ITA