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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (i.e. AI) applied to Media Asset Management is a must-have technology, with multiple strategic benefits for any organization.

SI Media’s has widely expanded the integration of AI with the YES!MAM platform.

Incoming content is automatically processed and catalogued, generating and automatically associating any kind of metadata.

The system performs speech to text, converting spoken video recordings into readable text which can be converted into a subtitling file, ready for playout.

It also provides visual analysis, recognizing inappropriate material including explicit visual or prohibited content.

The integration with major AI service providers (Google-Cloud, Amazon-AWS, Microsoft-Azure) ensures automatic metadata detection, improving the efficiency and accuracy during ingest and the capability of the advanced search within the Media Asset Management system.

SI Media has also developed a customized feature in cooperation with Google Translation Services to perform automatic translation of metadata inserted by each user in his own language, allowing cross language queries inside YES!MAM. For instance, type a search query in French and get results in English.