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Broadcast Management System

YES!BMS, Broadcast Management System, has been developed allowing the creation and the management of media rights, daily playlists and advertising playlists for any kind of broadcaster, from regional channels to national public and private organizations.

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Broadcast Management System

Broadcast Automation System

A wide choice of plugins can be easily added to YES!BMS: SI Media software solution can be adapted to any customer’s needs simplifying the management of linear and non-linear channels (VOD/OTT platforms), from the deals / master deals, through slot management and planning, to daily playlist preparation and reconciliation.

Our customers, some of the biggest private and public broadcasters in the world, on a daily basis manage their channels with SI Media Broadcast Management System YES!BMS. Users can handle any operation from the same interface, now updated and available for the most common web browsers.

They can manage all the elements involved in the scheduling procedure: manage the deals and programs rights for each channel, create a complete daily playlist, control the secondary events, plan the advertisement contracts/campaigns and the promos, consult the as-run log generated by the automation system, create pre-billing documents, ready to be exported to 3rd party accounting system and verify all data with comprehensive analysis and detailed reports, fully customizable.

YES!BMS allows planning and scheduling video assets and live events, as well as controlling a wide set of secondary events related to broadcast automation such as logos, graphics projects, GPIs and A/V router switching commands.

YES!ADV is the specific module designed to manage the advertising playlist: YES!ADV is able to control daily, weekly or monthly planning of campaigns with a comprehensive set of customizable features, including rotations and privilege rules. Commercials, promotional messages, sponsorships, animation graphics can be handled with YES!ADV. With the merge function it’s also possible to automatically import the advertisement playlist in the daily playlist.
YES!BMS and YES!ADV are part of YES!FRAMEWORK, SI Media multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) and multi-database suite, designed to work seamlessly with IT environments on premises, fully virtualized in the cloud or into hybrid environments.


Management of master deals and sub-deals, including episodes and free runs
Unlimited template profiles
Slot planning on weekly basis, according to deals and their episode structure
Management of advertising contracts and sales, including commercials, promotional messages, sponsorships, animation graphics and more
Reconciliation between contracts and aired passages, according to as run log playlist