June 13, 2014

CASE STUDY: StarHub (Singapore)

Star Hub is the first fully integrated info-communications company in Singapore, focused on providing world-class information, communication and entertainment services. SI Media has recently implemented for this important and strategic customer, thanks to the help of the Systems Integrator VSolutions, a stand-alone system composed by two servers equipped with AJA-Kona3G: […]
June 11, 2014

INTERVIEW: Daniele Sorrenti, IT Manager A3News

A few weeks ago, at the end of April, SI Media successfully completed the migration from a video-server to a complete IT AJA-based environment at Antenna 3 Nordest, one of the biggest broadcasters in the north part of Italy. We take this opportunity to talk about this process with Mr […]
June 11, 2014

CASE STUDY: Tcs (El Salvador)

Another important step in the growth of SI Media in the Latin American market has been the successfully installation in TCS (Telecorporation Salvadorena) in EL Salvador of a newsroom digital computer system for the three main studios of their channel, implemented and completed in a few weeks at the beginning […]
June 3, 2014

Exhibition: SI MEDIA at BROADCAST ASIA 2014

4th and 5th Floor Marina Bay Sands, Singapore June 17 – 20 2014 SI Media Booth N. 5L7 – 5th Floor Also this year SI Media has renewed its presence to the forthcoming 19th International Digital Multimedia & Entertainment Technology Exhibition & Conference in Singapore. For the sixth consecutive year SI […]
April 30, 2014

Software Application: PROXY-EDITING

The Proxy-Editor engine, integrated in MediaStore Client, has been recently renewed and significantly empowered, with a list of new tools and features that allow to create a more and more integrated environment in the digital newsroom computer systems. SI Media Proxy-Editor engine handles multi-track audios (until 8 tracks) and multi-layer […]
April 29, 2014

Case Study : ANTENNA 3 NORDEST (Italy)

In these days SI Media has successfully completed the migration to a complete IT AJA-based environment at Antenna 3 Nordest, one of the biggest broadcasters in the north part of Italy. The old BMC SeaChange video-servers have been replaced by a solution fully based on AJA-Corvid 22 boards, without losing […]
April 7, 2014

Case Study : THE FIRST OF YAROSLAVL (Russia)

In the beginning of 2014, SI Media has completed a great project in Yaroslavl (Russia), at Первый Ярославский, the main channel of the Oblast region, together with our partner and systems integrator Global Systems. For this installation SI Media provided a complete end-to-end solution IT-based with AJA Boards both for […]
April 7, 2014

Application modules : IMEDIANEWS

IMEDIANEWS is the brand new solution developed by SI Media composed by two applications: IMediaNews e IMediaLive, thought to improve the functions of our digital newsroom in order to create an environment more and more interconnected through the new technologies. IMediaNews is an application that runs on Android and IOs […]
April 7, 2014

Case Study : CASA DE DIOS (Guatemala)

Recently SI Media has completed the installation and configuration of a media asset management system in Fraijanes (Guatemala), at Casa de Dios. Casa de Dios chose SI Media to implement a solution to manage a k2 server that receives contents from several sources (live event from theatres, auditoriums, churches or file […]