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Media Asset Management

YES!MAM is Media Asset Management. This multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) and multi-database suite, is designed to be the core of your workflow, from ingest to delivery of any content in any format, and can be entirely virtualized in the cloud.

In Green YES!MAM workflow

YES!MAM is composed of several modules that manage multi-format content in a deeply integrated and customizable workflow. With a long history of 3rd party technology integration: storage, tape libraries, optical libraries, NLE systems and video-servers, this comprehensive Media Asset Management system is the perfect bridge among the different components that are part of your system.

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YES!MAM - Asset list user view

With our quality check YES!QC and transcoder YES!Coder we monitor the ingest process and ensure that video and audio content complies to your desired standards. And, depending on the final destination, we enable transcoding content from any format to any format, (video-servers, NLE systems, web and mobile platforms, ftp servers, social media platforms).

YES!MAM is fully integrated with production and the variety of professional NLE systems. A dedicated HTML5 Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, and supports import/export XML with the other major brands (Avid Media Composer, GV Edius, BlackMagic DaVinciResolve, Apple FCP). Also available is our own browser based proxy-editor.

The SI Media HSM module YES!HSM provides integration with the major LTO tape-based libraries (Spectralogic, Quantum, HP, Qualstar, IBM) as well as Sony ODA (optical disk archives).

Our HTML5-based client application allows easy organization and cataloguing of content from any archive. Search among assets, display results, browse the low-res material automatically generated by the embedded proxy engine, edit and customize any metadata.

YES!MAM fully supports Artificial Intelligence processing and cataloguing content (generating and automatically associating any kind of metadata), performs speech to text (converting spoken video recordings into readable and editable text) and language translation, and provides visual analysis (for instance, recognizing explicit content).

It also provides a comprehensive set of reports, big data analysis over unlimited statistical parameters.
Finally, the workflow manager allows definition and management of workflows via Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), ensuring the possibility to configure processes outside SI Media’s system, making the workflow even more integrated and extremely flexible.

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YES!MAM - Workflow editor user interface


Multi-platform and multi-database
Web-based or appliance-based and Cloud native
Advanced searches with Elastic-Search
Integration with NLE Systems (Adobe ActiveX)
Embedded web-based proxy editor
Integration with AI (Artificial Intelligence tools)
Workflow manager (based on BPMN)