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Monitoring tools and business intelligence

The complexity of the workflows that SI Media enables for its customers has evolved to the development of an internal system manager: YES!Doctor.

YES!Doctor is a dedicated module that monitors the status of each SI Media software application and hardware network device performance from a single control screen.
It allows configuration of a set of alerts and notifications, reporting each issue and the associated level of urgency.

YES!Doctor also provides a general view of hardware status of all workstations (performance, disk usage, network connectivity, windows registry and history log).
Vital to supporting the daily operations of the IT department of any broadcaster, YES!Doctor is easy to use and is configurable with a comprehensive set of reports, charts and graphics.

Another strategic challenge for media companies and television channels (linear and non-linear) is creating value from the huge quantity of content and data generated and stored during processes and tasks.
Additionally, transforming metadata into useful and profitable information is not only desired, but is increasingly a requirement.

YES!MAM platform offers a set of tools for business analysis purposes (reports, analysis, statistics, tables…), all customizable and configurable, and accessible depending on predefined credentials.

The advanced analysis on the company’s data and the generation of reports on content, tasks and processes. This helps optimize the internal workflows to identify eventual bottlenecks, improving efficiency and resource usage.

Each business process can be properly monitored and improved, with customizable reports on quality check, transcoding tasks, and user activities.

These reports can be filtered, exported and displayed using different visualization techniques, providing administrators a priceless tool to make the best from the big data generated from within the company.