NLE integration

YES!News is fully integrated with production and NLE systems, creating a deeply interconnected environment in any newsroom, bolstering communication among departments and eliminating unnecessary operations and bottlenecks during any step of the story creation process.

Journalists can create baskets and projects, composed by any clip, subclip, audio, or image residing in the content archive. Once a placeholder is created, content will be automatically replaced by the final asset when the story is completed. Journalists can also indicate an estimated duration for the final edit in the placeholder.

These baskets can follow three export paths:
-to SI Media’s web-based Proxy NLE
-to Adobe Premiere Pro (with SI Media’s dedicated embedded panel)
-via EDL/XML to other NLE Systems, such as Avid Media Composer, GVG Edius, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve

YES!MAM fully supports workflows based on Editing in Place (leaving the files in the centralized production storage) or Push & Pull (moving the files required for the editing task in the local cache of the NLE workstation).
For Adobe Premiere Pro a dedicated panel is available: a plug-in that allows browsing the Asset archive, Basket archive and Stories (with the preview of the Voice Over text) directly inside the Adobe Premiere Pro GUI.