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Proxy NLE

YES!ProxyNLE, SI Media’s low-res video editor (HTML-5) is incorporated within YES!MAM. It’s the perfect application to improve the speed and collaboration during news production.

It has been designed to be extremely user friendly, providing journalists an easy to use editing tool to begin as well as finish their stories. YES!ProxyNLE performs main tasks including basic cut-cut editing capability, recording the voice-over, adjusting audio levels and output assignments, and adding basic audio and video transitions.

Projects can then be published through the centralized rendering engine YES!Coder, or exported to any NLE system to proceed with additional craft editing. This significantly saves time, better maximizing the editing tasks and assignments of NLE craft systems during peak times.

Among the benefits of YES!ProxyNLE, there is no need to transfer files (Editing in Place), since the application is working with low resolution media that can be easily streamed from the central location of the proxy files.

Natively integrated within YES!MAM and YES!News, users can access the entire media library from the same interface (no matter where the footage is located). This includes any baskets, projects and the story archive.

Selecting a story, journalists can read along with the text for the voice over while recording it.
A real time preview while rendering is also available from YES!ProxyNLE.