Quality Check

SI Media YES!QC (File Based Quality Check) performs a comprehensive analysis of the incoming assets that optimizes the flow throughout the system, significantly reducing the handling time of each file and issues concerning input formats unwelcome to the customer.

YES!QC is composed by a configurable list of processes that are integrated in a continuous flow. The first step is a depth static analysis of the incoming contents, where all the characteristics of the media files are examined (video codecs, audio codecs, wrapper, frame-size, bit-rate, frame-rate, frame order, and many others).

After the completion of the static analysis, this information will remain available for each asset as part of the metadata associated with the file.

YES!QC a number of notification alerts are available when errors and anomalies are detected, such as:

  • Timecode discontinuity
  • null audio track found

Others are specific for particular types of files:

  • MXF partition open or incomplete (only for MXF)
  • Mandatory item missing (like mandatory initial TAG for video file as AVI or MXF)

YES!QC can search for black frames, frozen fames, for absence of audio and/or audio peaks, as well as performing Gamut Analysis and includes a play-test check to automatically verify the file and its compatibility with the entire system.
At the end of this process, based on the rules set in YES!YMM (.YES! Media Manager, MAM job and task coordinator), a quality certificate can be attached to any asset.


Depth static analysis of the incoming assets on audio and video properties
Play-test check for the automation
Search for black frames or frozen frames
Search for audio absence and audio peaks and full analysis of audio waves
Gamut analysis
Certificate management