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SI Media YES!Coder (file based transcoder) combines outstanding quality, intelligent automation, rich file format support, exceptional performance and seamless scalability for transforming high volumes of media content among acquisition, production, archive, and distribution formats.

SI Media YES!Coder automates high-volume transcoding & delivery: video and audio are automatically converted among all the major SD\HD\4K broadcast formats.

This high-performance transcoder offers extensive format support, robustness, reliability, excellent output quality and scalability to meet customer workgroup and enterprise volume needs.

For large transcoding tasks, multiple YES!Coder engines can be configured as a transcoding farm under the control of YES!MAM (MAM job and task coordinator), with the services being entirely virtualized.

These allow automated processing of high-volume transcoding tasks, managing job distribution, job prioritization, load balancing, FTP transfer, status monitoring and job notification.

YES!Coder handles any-to-any transcoding processes for several purposes. For file ingest it can transcode and normalize any incoming asset during the ingest process.

YES!Coder can work as well as external executor for runtime rendering of proxy editor engine, or an external executor for automatic or manual upload to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more) from any client application inside SI Media. It can handle unlimited social media profiles, with the possibility to transcode while uploading, to retrieve metadata automatically and add specific watermarks for any configured destination.


Effective high-speed networked transcoding: video and audio are automatically converted among the largest arrays of acquisition, editing, broadcast, web and mobile formats available
High-volume transcoding & delivery to any platform, including from / to any format and wrapper
Possibility to setup automatic transcode on an input or export folder, based on manual user intervention or virtual path configuration
Real time task status from client interface
Possibility during the export to automatically retrieve and attach metadata from database to be used after publishing such as to YouTube or web-sites and to add specific watermarks
Exceptional performance and seamless scalability: multi-threaded and multi-CPU platform with GPU speed-up.