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Workflow Manager

YES!YMM (YES! Media Manager, MAM job and task coordinator) is an application suite for the management of the media asset life cycle, enabling the user to define, manage and automate the creation, metadata retrieval, transfers across different levels of storage, deletion and delivery to final destinations as web and video server local caches.

At any moment, following the rules defined in the integrated workflow manager, YES!YMM can automatically move the assets throughout different levels of storage. This rule-based automation frees operators from exhaustive manual activity.
YES!YMM can also automate import from FTP sources or watch-folders and exports individual or baskets of content to FTP servers, YouTube and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It has been designed to be cooperative and multi-threading. New servers (physical or virtual) can be added at any time to scale up the system, aggregating the power in order to evenly distribute the workload.
All the processes can be monitored from both server and client interfaces: from a web UI, a user can monitor the status of each task at each step of the process (job), and, if required, validate or interrupt that step of the workflow.

SI Media has integrated Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) inside its platform. This means that YES!YMM can be controlled and configured via BPML, so that processes produced in that environment can be executed by MAM engines, determined by the defined parameters and rules. This feature allows the user to create and design independent processes and flows inside the same architecture.
In order to optimize modulation and consultation of the diagrams, definition of the steps and customization of the language, SI Media uses its own workflow editor that is in compliance with BPMN.
The advantages of this tool are huge: nowadays media workflows require more and more flexibility and possibility to define specific processes/tasks independently, in order to manage alternative media flows and create dynamic environments.


Highly effective management console based on client-server architecture
Retrieving of main metadata of incoming assets
Automated management for Hashing, Metadata and Filling
Workflow management and integrated monitoring of the transfers among the different storage devices
Complete and exhaustive user’s policy management
Asset history status for each content instance and alert message
Real time status of disk usage and network communication
Definition of customized rules for each archive defined either per archive or per virtual path
Possibility to check in real time the status of each task running, in cue or already run
Integration with all SI Media applications and 3rd party applications
Integration with all major IT vendors and Broadcast Brands