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Base-band recording

YES!Recorder is the SI Media recording suite, the ideal tool to record your live feed via a variety of technologies including SDI, IP delivery (including NDI) in SD, HD, 4k or UHD format) from VTR, satellite receivers or IP decoders and create simultaneously high and low resolution video files (multiformat concurrent recording).

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Media Asset Management

Broadcast Management System

Broadcast Automation System

YES!Recorder fully supports Edit-While-Ingest and Play-While-Ingest: assets are ready to be edited or scheduled and played out from automation while ingesting.

YES!Recorder is very flexible and can be easily adapted and configured to run in a stand-alone server. Control for major well-known global brands such as Harmonic or Grass Valley as well as servers equipped with AJA or MATROX boards. Up to 4x HD-SDI\IP (or as alternative 1x UHD-SDI\IP) recording channels can be configured in one box using Matrox boards.

Controlling the recording tasks is immediate and simple. The user-friendly web-based GUI of YES!Recorder controls multiple encoding jobs from the same browser tab, checking the audio and video preview of the incoming signals and also trimming the asset and adding metadata while ingesting.

Furthermore, the YES!Recorder operator can schedule the encoding sessions (tasks) in advance, automatically recording specific sources at a specific date and time, and/or hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. YES!Recorder can control several types of A/V routers, that a result of the native integration with YES!DeviceManager, ensuring the control of the router and the ability to automatic switch among the sources.


Schedule multiple encoding sessions
“Crash” record, add identifiers and metadata after recording starts
Audio/Video preview while ingest for monitoring and real time control
Bookmarks insertion and media content cataloguing while encoding
Define multiple ingest sources
Integrated with several A/V routers