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Offline Scheduler

YES!Traffic is the SI Media Offline scheduler. It is the perfect tool to manage any aspect of the creation of the daily playlist for your on-air channels.

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The possibilities offered by YES!Traffic are many: the creation and management of mid-long term scheduling for media content has been optimized over the years and is very intuitive, using options like daily and weekly playlist management, episode management, series scheduler or automatic playlist optimization; then, when the backbone is ready, there are many tools available to customize each detail of the daily playlist. The users can, for instance, copy or cut and paste events between different playlists or drag & drop assets or programs for the archives, check or modify secondary events (like logos, graphics projects and A/V router switching commands) and verify the integrity of each playlist with the diagnostic tools embedded into YES!Traffic.

YES!Traffic can work with any kind of video file, no matter the original resolution: the user can preview the media, using the low-res copy of the assets. Previewing the proxy file allows the user to cut-cut the original assets in clips (virtual segments), eventually create sequences or consolidate these clips into physical assets and also preview the graphic projects directly from the .YES!Traffic graphic user interface.

The ideal teammates of YES!Traffic are YES!Player and YES!DeviceManager, SI Media Master Playout Automation and Broadcast Device Controller. We are fully available to evaluate integrations with any 3rd party automation system and are able to import advertising playlists from external agencies, adapting our software to the customers’ needs and unique workflow.

YES!Traffic and YES!DeviceManager are part of YES!, SI Media multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) and multi-database suite, designed to work seamlessly into IT environments on premises, fully virtualized in the cloud or into hybrid environments.


Short, mid and long-term event scheduling, deeply customizable
Secondary event management
Web-based and cloud-native
Proxy media browsing
Automatic merge of advertisement playlists with program playlists
Complete and exhaustive user’s policy management