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Channel Branding

YES!CG (Channel Branding generator) is the SI Media graphics suite. It was developed to create and control your graphics for televised events anywhere in the world. Each graphic project can be enriched with static or animated images, crawls, rolls, animations and digital video effects (DVE), like picture-in-picture, and can be checked in advance, scheduling dedicated secondary events from YES!Traffic (Offline scheduler).

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Broadcast Automation System

YES!CG can be manually remote-controlled by an operator using a web based dashboard.

YES!CG guarantees total CG control with a powerful graphics engine that fully supports 3D or HD video output, where each object can be edited while on-air manually by the user, or dynamically from data sources like social streams (Facebook pages, Twitter & Instagram profiles, YouTube channels), RSS feeds, databases or files (txt, csv, ODBC and xml).

Going on-air, customers can choose among embedded CG engines available with YES!Player (Playout automation) and stand-alone with dedicated hardware YES!CG servers. The solution is very flexible. YES!CG can be into virtual machines to provide the IP output or into bare metal servers, using AJA or Matrox boards to provide the SDI output. The output can be a Key/Fill or single signal, with no layering and the graphics burned in.

YES!CG allows the creation and control of elaborate graphics, suitable for any kind of content: it can be used during news or for stock exchange indexes, during sports events and talk shows, or for live social interactions like Tweets or Facebook messages.


Total on-air CG control
Wide range of graphics objects available
Automated text rendering into graphics templates
CG suite is natively integrated with YES!TRAFFIC and YES!PLAYER
Easily imports data from social streams, RSS feeds, databases or files