Social Media

With the purpose of engaging all potential viewers on any platform, be it conventional broadcast television or internet distribution via OTT/VOD and social media, YES!News provides simplified publishing to multiple platforms from the same user interface. Today this is a must-have function in digital newsroom computer systems.

The same news story can be customized for any social media platform or web CMS, (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). Text can be adapted to each destination, and the story content can be automatically transcoded by YES!MAM to the required formats for the desired media destinations.

In addition to journalist name, story title, location, and date, additional Metadata can also be published. The system can also add a branded watermark during export.

With YES!News, the Executive Producer can create completely independent rundowns for OTT/VOD delivery destinations. This ensures maximum workflow flexibility. Depending on the composition of the newsroom, small newsroom journalists can create and deliver the story from the same screen to each destination, while in bigger organizations with dedicated social media departments, the journalists could work with YES!News independently from the conventional television newsroom.

Media organizations can strategically select their priorities with YES!News, scheduling the delivery of content to different destinations.