Studio automation

YES!Studio manages the delivery of content in Studio/Production Control Room.
The software manages rundowns coming from YES!News, or as a stand-alone application communicating with all 3rd party NCRS applications via MOS Protocol.

YES!Studio delivers a wide set of tools to manage a live studio production.
It can handle up to 4 simultaneous decoders with output in SD / HD / UHD / IP (NDI and SMPTE 2110 included ) that can be addressed as primary outputs, preview, or to manage external video walls.
Making last second changes is easy, for instance adding content directly from the asset archive and editing clips on-the-fly.
Also, CG‘s projects can be edited directly from the application with the ability to switch from an automatic to manual control.

YES!Studio includes a separate module to control external systems and devices as part of the Studio/PCR workflow, such as as production switchers, , Audio/Video routers, audio mixers, lighting systems, camera robotics, video walls, virtual sets and graphic systems.

The control of all these production systems and devices could be scheduled,in advance from YES!News. Users can create pre-sets and macros while a customizable panel provides full control from YES!Studio. along with the ability to manually create additional pre-sets from playout and trigger them using keyboard shortcuts.


Manual/Automatic contribution playout with A/B/C/D Roll support
Client interface for remote control
Full playback control of the media (play, stop, pause, next, loop, previous, etc.) via external Jog&Shuttle hardware device in addition to software control (customizable short cuts available)
Device Control: Production switcher, CG and Teleprompter
Last second trimming (Cut-Cut) of clips available
Full compatible with 3rd party NRCS via MOS protocol
Graphics management in scheduled and manual mode
Automatic export of contents to video walls
Studio automation interface to control external systems and devices