Wire Aggregator

YES!Wire is a plug-in of YES!News. YES!Wire manages content imported from any source including agency feeds, wire services, RSS, APTN, as well as social media sources such as Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

A required tool in today’s news and sports production workflow, YES!Wire assists the producer or reporter in gathering, curating, and reviewing the various sources quickly and efficiently from a single screen. This helps get to air faster and with a wider variety of sources.

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YES!Wire - Wire aggregator plug-in

From the centralized panel, users can browse any incoming sources based on their login credentials and rights. Each user sees only the wires and sources related to his newsroom, for instance sports or politics.

With YES!Wire, journalists are always connected and, at the same time, they can gather the specific feeds they need for their story. This minimizes the search time using filters (also for social media) and key-words, and the ability to browse and preview the video of each source.

Imagine, for instance, a journalist having an assignment to cover a story about the U.S. elections. The journalist can organize the YES!Wire home page to view only related agency sources relevant to the story.

The user can then select content and generate a new story or a new assignment from it. With just a click, the user can open the original source in a new separated tab, if desired.

YES!Wire will import not only the associated metadata but also linked images and videos, automatically transcoding into house format if needed. The system is multi-format and accepts any type of video, images, audio, as well as documents.